Union Avoidance

Union Avoidance Plans

Our Union avoidance classes are very different from other companies.  We have a hands on approach rather than sending videos and information to your facility, we send people.  There is no better way to get in touch with your employees than to find out what they are thinking.  Your management team cannot provide this to employees because most of the time, it is someone on the management team which caused the union activity.  Union avoidance training includes the following:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

NLC provides the first line of defense which is the Employee Satisfaction Surveys, which we handle very differently than other companies.  Our surveys are done in a small setting with employees from different departments.  This provides a safety for the employees and protects their anonymity.  Company generated surveys do not work because employees have told us that they don’t feel that they are private so they are not honestly answering questions.  Also, if the employees issues are with a manager, they will not be comfortable handing that survey back to that manager.  NLC uses the system of key words to find the ‘hotspots’ in your organization.  We then provide the executive team with a report which includes professional recommendations and a plan of action.   

NLRA Training

NLC provides National Labor Relations Act Training Classes.  The ACT training gives employees an understanding of their rights during the union campaign but it also gives employees an understanding of what their employer’s rights are and also, the unions’ rights.  Employees are always surprised to learn what the union is allowed to do by law. Employees (and managers)  learn about the union security clause, mandated strikes and the truth about collective bargaining.  We have been told that this eye opening training session has changed people’s perception of the union.

Management Training

Your Front line Supervisors are the most important people on your management team.  These are the people who are in constant contact with your staff.  It is their job to keep morale up and walk the fine line between leading a team and encouraging an open forum.  Many times, front line supervisors are promoted from within, which means that these supervisors can have union sympathy.  Some union movements are caused because front line supervisors cannot handle leading their team after being friends with the staff for so long.  NLC begins management training with a management audit which gauges how well supervisors know your employees and what they are thinking.  This is the first step in bridging the gap between these groups.  The questions are designed for us to gain a better understanding of how your facility is designed.