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November 2014
YOU NEED TO KNOW: Union Ambush ElectionsUnion_Ambush_Image

What is an Ambush Election? What is the EFCA?
In 2009, the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would have caused 3 major outcomes for Employees/Employers:


December 2014

As we sat around the table looking over the calls and messages from employees across the 5 boroughs, I decided that we were going to take the biggest institution and start from there. While the smaller places also represented dues and money, the challenge was in the facility with 2000 employees. The challenge was that there were 2 failed attempts in the prior 10 years by other unions. However, with the right game plan and the right strategy, 2000 employees would be ours. The amount of money and membership this campaign would generate would hold the pressure from the higher ups in the International Union off for a long while to come if we could pull this off. This was a lot of money.


January 2015

As the information came flooding in, the meetings with the salting teams were done weekly. Calls were done daily if not more frequently. The research team had all of the information we needed. Now we needed names of employees and job titles. We needed shifts and units. We needed working times and we needed the map of the facility.


January 2015

When I was a RN in the ICU, I was approached by the union business agent. She asked me if I would join the negotiating committee for the union. At the time, the nurses were represented by the State Nurses Association. I didn’t give it much thought except maybe I can make a little difference if I sat at the table. To date, the negotiations were stagnant and most of us were frustrated with the progression of the events. We needed that contract settled and we wanted our raises. The contract had expired and we knew that a strike vote was looming over our heads.


January 2015

And so the final push was on for cards. We made a decision as an organization that it was time to begin a rise into the public. We wanted voluntary recognition. We didn’t want an NLRB election. But we had some obstacles:


January 2015

Training as a SALT was interesting at first. It was a spying job. A spying job that paid an extra $200 per shift plus expenses on top of the pay I was making as a nurse. I brought a few friends with me to the first training. The union was more than happy to pay them as well. Most importantly, aside from the money, we did believe. We held the belief that only the union can fix the problems that nursing was experiencing.


February 2015

With the current union abuse that we have discussed in previous news and NLRB news and the fear that employees may now be under obligation to pay union dues after only a 14-day election period, it is not
a surprise that employees are completely fed up. We are seeing employees come forward and ask more questions. “Why do we HAVE to pay union dues?” “Why are we not being given a chance to talk to our employer?” As employees begin to ask more questions, unions are coming up with more strategies.


February 2015

As time passed, it was always interesting that we had to work first as nurses and healthcare workers. We began to perfect the system of taking the most pro union employees and giving them incentive money as well. Imagine a CNA or housekeeper making an extra $1000 per week.


February 2015
Organizing Part 4

Sitting in that cafeteria and watching management get angry was one of the lasting moments I can remember from that campaign. Remember, this a place that had been attempted before. Between this power move and the old “left handed signatures,” I knew that we would be requesting voluntary recognition within the week. Just so happens, the following Monday was a holiday so though we would request voluntary recognition, someone would already be en route to the NLRB with the petition and filing it at 4:45pm on Friday. That would mean the hospital would not find out until at least till the following Tuesday and we would gain a few extra days.


March 2015
Union Life Part 4

As most are already aware, a union movement cannot exist without emotional issues that are brought to life. PERCEPTION IS REALITY! We mastered bringing the smallest issue and making it tremendous. We mastered creating issues. Emotions need to take over and completely consume the workforce. With emotions, the union cannot gain the momentum. Without constant emotions, the union movement cannot be sustained.