Managing in a Union Shop

How to effectively manage in a union environment. Nlc can help you bridge the gap between management and employees.

If you are already a  union facility, there are certain things you will need to remember and teach your managers.

Most importantly, if employees voted a union into your facility the employees are “union members” and certainly not “union employees.”

At the end of any work day, you run your organization… Not the union.

Union campaigns are costly and emotional, sometimes ending in bitterness and a wedge is driven between staff and management. 

NLC has effective plans in place to ease supervisors into managing in a union environment. Our interactive sessions include classes based on a few very important tips:

  • Learn to work with shop stewards and how to utilize them to be your eyes and ears on your front line.
  • Be clear about your communications because it will have to be put in writing and you want it that way. Cover yourself and your company in case you need to bring an issue to the union rep.
  • Resolve disputes quickly and fairly.
  • Keep employee handbooks in line with union handbook. This will make ALL of the company procedures clear and easy for employees to understand.