Whether you are trying to avoid a union, fight the union petition or manage in the union environment, NLC is your one stop shop.

National Labor Consultants is a professional association directing employment relations specialists in the representation of employers throughout North America. The firm’s members advise clients in effecting culture changes in the workforce, avoiding or managing the impact of labor disputes, and assisting the leadership team in preventing union organizing, or facilitating the effective restoration of a union-free employment environment. The firm’s members are experientially, geographically and culturally diverse. We deploy former top union officials, human resources and labor relations executives, managers and directors from all industries.  Our consultants are experts to with the appropriate skills mix to meet the challenges that our clients face. 
The firm’s holdings and business alliances include labor and industrial research, organization development assessments and interventions, employee attitude or opinion surveys, cultural diversity transition, and direct communications with and training for the workforce during organizing campaigns, labor disputes, benefits roll-outs and other performance improvement opportunities when in-house resources need to be augmented.
NLC will guide your management team through the difficult Union Campaign Election process. Because our consultants have worked for unions in the past we understand their mindset and strategies, therefore so will you.

Through our extensive experience in the union industry, we know firsthand that the unionization of your employees is not the answer to their job security and the prosperity of your organization. We strongly believe that there are other proactive approaches management can take to ensure employee satisfaction and loyalty. When you contact National Labor Consultants, we’ll take a close look at how your company handles employee relations through our consultation services. We’ll create an individualized plan of action to either create union avoidance or reverse damage that has already been created by unionization of your employees.

Why NLC?

NLC has a near 100% win record in Union Certification campaigns and NLC ownership is “hands on” which means you will ALWAYS have direct and open communication with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If your employees reached out to a union, you don’t need a box of information sent to your workplace. Show your employees you care by sending professionals to work with them, not a video.